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/ah-joo-wah/ crowdfunding for women everywhere

ajoowa | by GirlTable is a crowdfunding platform created by GirlTable, Inc. to help women around the world fund their creative and entrepreneurial ideas, projects, startups, businesses, and non-profits.


Create a campaign.

Give us 1-10 business days to review your campaign.

Once it is approved, it will be added it to the platform.

When you reach your goal OR when there are no more days left in your campaign, you can choose to receive your funds right away, finish the days left OR add more days to the campaign.


Crowdfunding works best for individuals, projects, businesses, and organizations that already have a social media following, mailing list, or customer/client base. The reason is that some of the very first contributions to any campaign are likely to come from people who already know you, your brand, your business or organization.

These initial people are campaign fuel! They can help financially, by sharing your campaign on their social media, or both. Crowdfunding relies heavily on social media shares, i.e. the more people share your campaign online, the more likely you are to succeed.

If you don’t yet have a social media following, you can still use Ajoowa but you should know that this will significantly affect your campaign success. If you are in such a situation, it be better to work hard at your dream for a little while longer, and then, when you have made some real progress, crowdfund to propel you to do even more!

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ajoowa | by GirlTable offers flexible KiA (Keep it All) funding which means that you can keep the funds you raise, even if you do not reach your funding goal.


GirlTable, Inc. (“GirlTable”) will take a 3% platform fee, in addition to a fee of approximately 2.9%+ȼ30 taken by Stripe (payment processor) for each transaction.


Once your funding goal is reached OR when there are no more days left in your campaign, you will be contacted to provide payment options/banking information for yourself or your organization. Your raised funds will be sent to you within 10 business days of receiving your information.


Funds will be sent via Interac Email Transfer (Canada only), PayPal, Western Union*.

*The fee for the deposit/money transfer will be deducted from the campaign, so creators are advised to select the payment method with the lowest transfer fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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