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Rayhana (By Huzaifa)

How is your relationship with your mother today? How has it evolved over the years? My mother? She is my bestest friend, my half sister. I guess I share with her my feelings my thoughts which is the reason I am neither alone nor depressed. I think every parent especially mothers should develop friendly environment with their children so that their child could easily speak out to them , be friendly and most importantly find love at home and be never in trouble.

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Aniane (By Esohe)

What's your favorite childhood memory with your mother? Ohhhh, this one time when I got a flu from playing so much at the playground in the rain and I dragged my self wet and cold and sneezing home and expected the beating of my life. She opened the door and said nothing, picked me up and made some tea for me then hugged me and braided my hair after a hot bath and all she said was always be safe for when you are, I am.

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Dora (By Benedicta)

What makes your mother special and unique? Hardships may come but her anchor truly holds in the midst of providing every need for her child even if it takes going without food just to put something on the table for her kids. My mother a blessing that was never in disguise but made available to all. A graceful and submissive woman of substance.

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