What does life as a woman or girl look like in your country/city/town/village? Any issues/challenges/milestones?

In my country, I'm glad that there are now some campaigns taking place meant to educate & empower girls and women. We have been facing issues of having lower incomes and less job security than men and also women remained underrepresented in decision-making positions. We are very glad now that the campaigns have caused the authorities of Zimbabwe to increase efforts to ensure women's equal access to employment and decision-making positions.

What are you most passionate about and what are you doing with that passion?

I have a passion in helping the less privileged and I'm currently working on it. I believe that one day all will work out according to my hearts desire.

Complete this sentence: "To be a girl or woman today, is to be..."

Independent and not just rely on men for everything and, to always be positive in all circles of life.