Cookie Burrows

Cookie Burrows

My name is Cookie Burrows, and I am the Founding President of Mothership Self Care.

I come from a family of artists and makers. I'm a lifelong, passionate student of art, design and world cultures. Being exposed to new and different perspectives - seeing how things can be done differently and more efficiently is fascinating to me.

I have a foundation in the creative world and an innate drive to improve systems and question the status quo. As a mom to an 11 year old girl in the current socio-political environment [in the US], I feel called to examine how we can be of greater service to all women and girls.

Company Name: Mothership Self Care

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Operating since: 2018


Instagram & Twitter: @mothershipselfcare

What product does your company offer?

Mothership Self Care is a clean luxury skincare company based in Austin and Marfa, Texas. We saw a profound need for effective natural skincare at reasonable prices. We went further by creating therapeutic, results-driven products that serve as a catalyst for prioritizing skincare. We make truly transformative skincare with pure botanical fragrance that subtly alters your state of being - our scents promote perceptible positive shifts in your awareness. It’s a therapeutic self care experience that helps people reconnect to wellness.

Did you start the company/organization with anyone else?

Yes. My partner is Jennifer Nicks, Founding CEO. She is the organizational mastermind that keeps us going. We hold each other accountable for our goals but we also support each other in keeping our lives balanced. We share a passion for finding ways to simplify self care strategies and we develop all of our products together.

How did you get the idea or concept for your organization/company? What was your mission at the outset?

Mothership Self Care was born out of us wanting to commit to our own self care in ways that felt luxurious and therapeutic without costing a fortune. We had a hard time finding natural beauty products that were both effective and made a profound difference in how we felt. So, we decided to make our dream products ourselves. We committed and spent a long time studying, sourcing, formulating and testing. We didn’t rest until we had created high-quality products we truly love.

Growing up, did you always intend to start your own company?

I've always had big ideas but I never thought of myself as a leader - I work better in community. I share the role of founder with my partner so we both lead, in different ways. The most rewarding part of creating a successful business is the relationships you build. That's the kind of thing I get excited about.

How have your past experiences helped you to run your company?

Business taught me how to harness my facility with people into being an effective manager and leader. Parenting taught me the importance of good communication and time management - and the importance of self care rituals!

What is the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome?

It’s difficult to balance being present as a mom and running a start up. When you do most of the parenting and emotional labor, you are the go to for all things to function. Finding ways to let go and delegate so that I can be centered for my business everyday is a challenge.

What's your definition of success? Do you consider yourself a success? If not, when will you?

My idea of success is having all the things you need without worry, enjoying a happy, well designed home and having the resources to generously contribute to the needs of society. I have not reached this level of success. Life is about what you are contributing to the world and I do what I can but I think we all need to give more and take less.

Have the women around you helped you to rise? How?

Women continue to amaze me simply by showing up. I am so grateful for how emotionally intelligent the women in my circle are. They know my weaknesses and they hold space for me to move past them at my own speed but they also sing my praises in the ways I need to hear them. They truly hold me up.

What are some of your future plans? Are you working on anything else right now?

Clean skincare is just the beginning for us. We have so many gorgeous products already formulated and waiting to be released. Body Care is up next. We’d love to expand into skincare for teens, as well. Girls need access to clean skincare and beauty products that are beautiful, gentle and naturally scented, too - something they can rely on to take care of their changing skin needs and remind them how special they are. There’s not much available to them right now.

What advice would you give to a woman starting out in your industry?

Be a serious student. Commit yourself to continually educating yourself. Learn everything you can about how your industry works then find ways to infiltrate it. When you fail, just assimilate the lesson and move on. Failure is data.

Describe yourself in ONE word. Conscientious

"To be a girl or woman today..." - to be female identifying today, means redefining what it means to be feminine, to be beautiful, to age gracefully. The world needs women to be the most authentic, fullest expression of themselves without regard to society's expectations.