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Want to empower women and also make money on your own? GirlTable, Inc. is seeking women all over the world who are competent in ANY subject matter to provide skills and knowledge training to its growing online community of women and girls from all over the world.


The online workshops are intended to empower women and girls around the world by teaching valuable skills and knowledge.

We're looking for women to teach a wide variety of online workshops (masterclasses) on a wide range of topics. Though you’ll need some proficiency with computers, you don't need to be highly efficient in social media or computer usage. So long as you know how to put together a text document / instructional manual (with pictures and/or videos), you're good to go. We’ll help you set up your content into the community.

REQUIRED: You must have a firm grasp of the English language (native/advanced proficiency) and access to a computer with an internet connection.


Propose a topic + Choose whether it will be free or paid.

Give us up to 5 business days to review. Once you’re approved, we’ll add your workshop to GirlTable.

You’ll have up to 60 calendar days to provide the instructional material and to finish setting up your workshop. We’ll help you with the setup.

Once you are done, we will open up your workshop so people can sign up. If you opted to charge for your workshop, you will receive your income at the end of each calendar month.


key info


You are sharing your knowledge on the GirlTable community platform. You do not become a GirlTable, Inc. employee - you work for yourself.


GirlTable, Inc. does not guarantee that its community members will want to take your workshop once it is added to the community. The onus is on you as the workshop instructor, to provide interesting and compelling content that will draw members in and cause them to refer other women to you after completing your workshop.


Instructors must have native/advanced proficiency of the English language. Workshops teaching another language must be instructed from the English language


All workshops must be time-flexible workshops that can be taken whenever students have time to go online. You may add scheduled events, chats and discussions to your workshop area but the main workshop content (i.e. the lessons) must be time-flexible.


You can charge anywhere from USD $0 to $199.99 per person for each workshop.


GirlTable, Inc. (“GirlTable”) will take a 10% platform fee, in addition to a fee of approximately 2.9%+ȼ30 taken by Stripe (payment processor) for each workshop sign up.


Your workshop income must exceed USD $40 for any given calendar month to qualify for a payout.


Funds will be sent via Interac (Canada only), PayPal, Western Union or MoneyGram*.

*The fee for the money transfer will be deducted from your total income, so workshop instructors are advised to select the payment method with the lowest transfer fee.


All set and ready to go?