Aniane (By Esohe)

Tell us all about your mother. What makes her special and unique?

My mum is a strong woman. Why she is special? Because of the thousands of sacrifices she has made for my siblings and I inconsiderate of how inconvenient it is for her. Because around her I can be myself, no judgement or anything. She's special just because she's my mom!

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I'm Esohe, I'm 19. A final year medical student in Santa Monica, Mexico. I'm passionate about caring for people and saving lives and writing which is why I joined GirlTable because they provide opportunities and encouragement to take my world and dreams like they are. For now, I'm a writer for a magazine and a blogger. I hope to write a book someday. I'm also into brand plenipotentiary and an entrepreneur running a joint restaurant business with one of my best friends, Stephanie Egwu. I dream of owning my restaurant someday, very soon actually.

What's your favorite childhood memory with your mother?

Ohhhh this one time when I got a flu from playing so much at the playground in the rain and I dragged my self wet and cold and sneezing home and expected the beating of my life. She opened the door and said nothing, picked me up and made some tea for me then hugged me and braided my hair after a hot bath and all she said was always be safe for when you are, I am.

How is your relationship with your mother today? How has it evolved over the years?

Yesssss, it has become stronger and she's my best friend now 😢 ❤❤

What are some very specific ways in which your mother has helped you to get to where you are today?

The encouragement she gives. My mum is actually my biggest fan LMAO! She also always I mean always makes sure I'm doing what's best for me like when I decided to move countries. She knew it was hard but supported me through it. She's my greatest support system and when I think I'm failing she let's me know she's so proud and this in the biggest way has fashioned me into who I am and helped me to where I am

"My mother always says..."

Get out there and show them who it is you've created to be you because you're amazing and let them see just a little. It's enough to dazzle them

Complete this sentence: "I adore my mother because..."

She's everything

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