Rayhana (By Huzaifa)

Tell us all about your mother. What makes her special and unique?

My mom, actually all the moms are special, they bear a commendable character. They are soft magic.

My mom is my whole world.She is the one who always suppresses her wishes, thoughts and remains silent in the corner, but, let me tell you mom - your voice matters the most.You are unique to me because you fill the gap in my life. You hold me every time I fall. You bring me back every time I break. Cheer me up every time i lose hope. Thank you mom for being there to correct of my mistakes.You hold the most biggest part in my life. And this what makes you unique because You are a “MOM"

Tell us a little bit about yourself...

I’m Huzaifa from Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India. I’m a first year student. I am also a writer, a poet and a storyteller. I express all my points, my views, my thoughts through my poetry.I believe in equality. My religion is Islam and it’s not against the rights of women, neither am I. I stand for humanity, I stand for equality. I put my efforts in inspiring women’s around me. I pressurize in women empowerment.

What's your favorite childhood memory with your mother? I still remember, when I was at primary school, i didn't use to take tiffin boxes, lunch with me, because none of my friends used to. But my mother was always there, at the gate of my school at lunch time, with her “Just Prepared Meal" ready to feed me.

I love you Mom.

How is your relationship with your mother today? How has it evolved over the years? My mother? She is my bestest friend, my half sister. I guess I share with her my feelings my thoughts which is the reason I am neither alone nor depressed. I think every parent especially mothers should develop friendly environment with their children so that their child could easily speak out to them , be friendly and most importantly find love at home and be never in trouble.

What are some very specific ways in which your mother has helped you to get to where you are today? My mother has always supported me, whether it be my poetry, my school, my exams, in my loneliness as my best friend, or in anything I would do. She has always appreciated me for my work. She has always encouraged me to be better, to develop the better person inside me. She is an role model for me.

"My mother always says..." Believe in Allah and then yourself and you’ll see all ways coming out to you.

Complete this sentence: "I adore my mother because..." she has always been my side no matter what - and she is always gonna be.

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