What would you like the world to know about you? What life experience, challenge or achievement do you want to share?

My whole world lies between a limited number of people. I don't want all the seven billion people know about me, they might be dealing with their own stories... But today, I wish at least a few, who are suffering from mental abuse like me, know my little story. Here it goes......

Being a girl from highly orthodox and educated family, I was always expected to stay according to family traditions and score best marks in every exam, but I never really was interested in scoring marks and carrying heavy bags of books on my back.

My world was entirely different, it revolved around dance, reading and spending time thinking and etc,.  And years later being a cadet at NCC which is completely against my family's wish, I achieved the highest rank as a senior under officer.  Then  I dreamt of joining the Indian Army, for which I was emotionally forbidden... My heart screamed a lot, telling me to get out from home, to run away to achieve my dreams, none of those really worked.. I was bounded to emotional bonds more/

Not being able to adjust to the traditions, and also not being able to come out of the cage, having no one around to scream my heart out, I nearly became depressed. Meanwhile. I failed in my final semester exams of my undergraduate degree, which provoked my family to abuse me more./ I nearly lost everyone... every person emotionally..

Then one of my long distance friends, who was gifted to me by my destiny in one of the national integration camps of NCC stood up for me. She had all her ears for me. Her letters and mails always soothed me. Being so distant, she gave me a hope that nothing had really ended in my life, that I was just in a state of depression.

My younger sister got my heart too - She always took care of mine. With that love, all the hopes in me blossomed again.I slowly came back to my normal life.  I started writing my heart, and started a personal blog on Instagram... I started helping people like me to come out of depression.  Struggling for making my living.

Maybe many of you have gone through worse stuff. Everyone's life is hard in their own way. What I just want to say is, never end this beautiful gift. There's still a lot to come.

Life always works in ration of 1:1000. It gives 1 sadness and 1000 happiness. Even if your 1 is too big right now, never make the mistake of thinking that the 1000 won't come. It may just be a little late (delayed).  Live with hope... You always deserve the good.. and it's on the way.. yet to come.

Complete this sentence: "To be a girl or woman today, is to be..."    

Strong enough to overcome every kind of struggle.... all with a smile on your face, even when you really cannot.

Even when you feel like losing yourself,  remember that it's really okay to be lost for a while, but never let them swallow you.