What does life as a woman or girl look like in your country/city/town/village? Any issues/challenges/milestones?

The typical woman is prepared and trained her whole life towards marriage. If a mistake such as burning food or breaking a plate is made, the usual retort is, "is this what you'll do in your husband's house?" However, some women have risen above this and have understood that life is much more than marriage and they have stood for their worth in the society.

What would you like the world to know about YOU? What life experience, challenge or achievement do you want to share?

I am more than just a pretty face. I have survived several challenges, one of which was losing my mother. I believe firmly in the saying, "if life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Laughter and joy are very important to me. There's no use going through life with a sore head and sour look all the time.

What are you most passionate about and what are you doing with that passion?

I love writing. My main characters are usually women. They are depicted as strong and independent. If they have lost themselves to the world, they find themselves and have control over their lives. They may fall in love with a man, but they never give up their aspirations for that man. I am also very interested in human rights because no human deserves to be treated as less.

How have the women and girls around you helped you to get to where you are today?

I have learned from the females around me, old or young. I have learned from their mistakes and learned from their strengths. My thoughts have formed because of what I have learned and I am who I am because of these lessons. From the woman who is domestically abused, I have learned that to flee is what to do. From the woman who is highly respected in her field, I have learned that education is important. From the woman who takes care of her family, I have learned love and hard-work. From the girl who defies the odds and dares to go into a field highly dominated by men, I have learned courage.  

Complete this sentence: "To be a girl or woman today, is to be..."

Strong-hearted. Life will not always agree to give you all you desire. She must be ready to be challenged and be a conqueror.