What does life as a woman or girl look like in your country/city/town/village? Any issues/challenges/milestones?

I'm a girl living in a village. "Mama", can I go out at night??" "Shhh.. Sasna you really can't go out because you are a girl"... (That's my mother's reply). I have heard this many times. I'm 21 now, and she has never ever allowed me to go out at night. This is the major issue I face.

What would you like the world to know about YOU? What life experience, challenge or achievement do you want to share?

I'm someone from a lower middle class family. I've never worn shorts or sleeveless blouses because my parents have never allowed me. Neither do I roam around at night. My biggest dream is to go on a solo world trip. I need to be independent enough to take my own decisions. I want to live here like a human being and not as a lady with too many restrictions.

What are you most passionate about and what are you doing with that passion?

I want to be a scientist...(That's a childhood dream). 
But I have yet another dream - to help poor patients with deadly diseases. The thought about helping them, worked as my biggest motivation because our life becomes meaningful only if we help others.