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Apparently, when a man sleeps around its totally fine... It even earns him some sort of praises. It's quite the opposite when a girl portrays this behavior. She gets dirty remarks and insults thrown her way. It's so unbearable yet stupid.. .two people committing the same act yet one looks cool at it while the other is disrespected!

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I think the woman empowerment issue went on well in my country. It's beautiful being a girl here and the society appreciates you as a mother and sister. Everyone is treated equally regardless of their gender though in some few deep local villages being a girl is still difficult unlike in the cities.

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I am 26 years of age, an orphan with three little brothers to take care of... in my life people always take advantage of me, use my money and get away with it. I have not been given a chance to grow and reach my dreams. Every time a person seems to be interested in me for me but in the end uses the little money I have struggled to collect for me and my brothers and disappears, leaving me with heart break.

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