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Life as a woman in my country is somewhat challenging. Women were use to being disrespected, abused or shut behind closed doors, but we have evolved. We are now being entrepreneurs, great leaders, wonderful mothers and much more.

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The I'm Glad I'm a Girl Foundation and summer camp is an empowering initiative that… engages young girls on topics of their sexual and reproductive rights, rights as a girl child, financial literacy, and notions of beauty and physical and mental health.

I am currently the Chief Camp Coordinator for the I'm Glad I'm a Girl Foundation and have been able to do all of the aforementioned and to reach a wider audience to achieve a greater impact!

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Being a woman in Jamaica can be hard. We are often depicted sexually in Dancehall and promotions. We are cat-called on a daily basis no matter what we wear and we are supposed to accept it as a compliment. Some men say that we call down rape on ourselves based on what we wear, which is sickening.

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